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Sell-side M&A


Minimum Top-line Revenue*

*We do best with companies generating between $10M and $100M in revenue, but can work with companies doing less on a case-by-case basis.

   We advise Tech Founders and CEOs on how to exit their business for maximum enterprise value.

After many years of hard work building a thriving business, you've started to think about what the future could look like if you sold your prized asset.

Is now the right time? How do you identify the right partner who can provide you with maximum value and potentially unlock a new level of growth for your company? Will that partner maintain the culture you've built? What if you want some liquidity but don't necessarily want to give up control?
These and other questions are what we help clients answer. With our extensive network and experience, we act as a sounding board for Founders and CEOs looking for guidance.

Buy-side M&A


Data Points Analyzed

    We leverage proprietary technology to provide curated dealflow for Strategics & Private Equity firms.

After executing numerous searches for clients, we've developed a finely-tuned process that involves augmenting our custom deal sourcing software with real-time market insights.
The result is that we're able to find unique and high-quality opportunities in record time, leading to successful outcomes for all parties.

Capital Raising


Minimum EBITDA*

*We do best with companies generating a minimum of $2M in EBITDA, though we can work with companies doing less if there's a compelling story to explore.

   We work with fast-growing and established businesses to secure the right capital for their needs.

We understand that securing the right capital at the right time is essential for any growing or established business. Whether you're looking to fund your next phase of growth, expand your operations, or make strategic acquisitions, we can help you raise the necessary capital.
Our team helps clients holistically prepare for the fundraising process, handling everything from materials creation to valuation and structure.

Ultimately, our goal is to engineer a process that secures the capital you need at the most favorable terms while minimizing dilution for Founders and existing shareholders.

Strategic Advisory

    We provide comprehensive strategic advisory services to help Founders make more informed financial decisions.

Our strategic advisory services include, but are not limited to, exit planning, valuations, and capital structure advisory. We help Founders understand the true value of their business and the factors that drive it, including market dynamics, financial performance, and growth prospects.
Our capital structure advisory services attempt to help clients optimize their debt and equity mix, minimize financing costs, and improve their financial flexibility.

At Greenfield, we take a collaborative approach to engagements, working closely with Founders to understand their unique needs and provide bespoke solutions.
Client Feedback
Investments in private placements involve a high degree of risk and may result in a partial or total loss of your investment. Private placements are generally illiquid investments. Investors should consult with their investment, legal, and tax advisors regarding any private placement investment.